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Winter Weather Helpful Tips

Published: January 12, 2024

Winter Weather Approaching

Helpful Tips:

    Keep your heat set at least 68 degrees
    When below freezing temperatures are forecast, allow warm water to drip in your faucet(s). Kitchen and bathroom faucets are usually the best.
    Know where your main water shut off valve is in case you need to shut off the water to your home
    Open your kitchen & bathroom cabinets to allow warm area to circulate around the pipes
    Keep garage doors closed and seal larger cracks and holes to help prevent freezing air from entering the walls of the home or allowing warm air to escape
    Make sure your sprinkler system is turned off. If you have a landscaper, we suggest you ask your landscaper to blow out sprinklers for the winter.
    Disconnect all garden hoses
    Insulate exposed pipes, both hot and cold, and especially pipes and spigots located outside or on the exterior of the home. Turning water off to the outside faucets is recommended
    For landscape, a wrap around the tree’s trunk to prevent winter damage is often recommended and covering your shrubs and plants with burlap or another recommended covering usually works well. Ask your landscaper for recommendations or assistance to protect your plants during winter weather

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